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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flowers with Corn Husk

Items Used:

1.Dried corn leaves

2.Coconut broom sticks OR Binding wire


4.Fabric colours (I used Nail polish and sketch pens)




1. Draw the petal shape of a flower on the corn leaves and cut along the desired shape with a scissor.

2. For the pollens in the flower we have to take a little bit of corn leaf and cut like this..

3. Roll and tie it along with the stick with the thread as below..

4. Take a petal and tie it from the outside of the pollens like as in the photograph.

5. As the same way tie all the petals side-by-side in flower shape like this...
    (Only 5 or 6 petals are enough for one flower)

6. For the leaves we have to cut the leaf shape as same as petals.

7. Those are also tie at the bottom of the flowers.

8. Color the petals,leaves and pollens of your choice,then the whole flower is ready to put in a vase.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photo Frame with table calendar

Items used:

1. Table calendar

2. Polythene paper or OHP sheet

3. Thread or binding wire

4. Decorative flowers

5. Scissor

6. Glue

7. Pencil


1. Take a table calendar and remove all the months papers which are attached to it.

2. After that the calendar becomes like this..

3. Remove the wire at the top of the calendar slowly without breakage of the holes punched  to it.

4. After removing the wire, it looks like divided into two parts with one base.

5. On the front part place the photo and take the measurement of it by drawing the outline with a pencil.

6. Take a scissor and cut an 1/4 inch inside the outline of the photo.

7. After cutting is finished, then stick two OHP sheet papers of 1 inch bigger than the photo size, from the backside of cutting part.

8. Join three sides except one side of the two OHP sheets for placing the photo.

9. Place a photo of your choice in between two sheets from the open side.

10. Join the two parts of the calendar by tying a thread or binding wire through the holes.

11. At last decorate the frame with artificial flowers or colourful beads or choice of your own.