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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flowers with Corn Husk

Items Used:

1.Dried corn leaves

2.Coconut broom sticks OR Binding wire


4.Fabric colours (I used Nail polish and sketch pens)




1. Draw the petal shape of a flower on the corn leaves and cut along the desired shape with a scissor.

2. For the pollens in the flower we have to take a little bit of corn leaf and cut like this..

3. Roll and tie it along with the stick with the thread as below..

4. Take a petal and tie it from the outside of the pollens like as in the photograph.

5. As the same way tie all the petals side-by-side in flower shape like this...
    (Only 5 or 6 petals are enough for one flower)

6. For the leaves we have to cut the leaf shape as same as petals.

7. Those are also tie at the bottom of the flowers.

8. Color the petals,leaves and pollens of your choice,then the whole flower is ready to put in a vase.



  1. Welcpme to bloging world prasanthi. so beautiful flowers with corn leaves simply superb keep it up your nice work and happy bloging.

  2. Happy blogging Prashanthi..gud idea..have to give it a try someday..

  3. This is really cool. Love the idea.

  4. Beautiful handmade flowers. Very creative recycling there! :)

    thanks a lot for playing along at CraftyJC Challenge

  5. I would like to try these beautiful flowers . Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  6. I must say its really very unique.Great attempt.You see this is real creativity :) Cheers

    Neha Sharma

  7. lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy def will try dis