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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hurrayyyyyyy....My First Award

        I feel so excited and much thrilled to receive the award " VERSATILE BLOGGER "

      for my blog.....from Vidhya ,who is having great hands in various types of cratfs and arts

      especially love all the pencil shadings of her......Thank you Vidhya for honouring me to      

     this award...

        7 things about me.....

           1. Love to hear music....

           2. Love to create innovative crafts....

           3. Love to decorate the interiors of my home....

           4. Love to eat chocolates....

           5. Love to make friendship with new ones......

           6. Love the Best out of the Waste....

           7. Love the blogging....
                      I would like to share this award to my bloggy friends....Iam passing it on to....

    1. Dr.Sonia-------

    2. Ramvino-------

    3. Suganthi-----

    4. Nitya------

    5. Anandhi Rajan----

          My hearty Congratulations to all of you......Accept the

      award and link back to the person who gave it you and

      share 7 things about yourself.


  1. Great congrats on your award prasanthi.Keep your good work going on happy blogging..

  2. Congrats Prasanthi.

    Congrats Nitya, Sonia, Vinodhini, Suganthi, Anandhi

  3. Thank you Prasanthi for choosing me to give the award. It is so sweet of you. Really happy to be recognised this way by you.

  4. Congrats on ur well deserving Award Dear. Wish U many more.

  5. Thank you Rekha,Mira,Suganthi and Christy....

  6. thanks prasanthi for giving versatile blogger award to my blog and i have link back here, do visit.

  7. Prasanthi,
    come to my blog
    Accept your 2nd Award from there.

  8. Congrats for your award prasanthi you really deserve it.
    thankyou for passing the award to me

  9. Congrats,your blog style also very nice.Here I would like to introduce Delights of India,which is a directory for India handicraft store.